Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

Ever wondered why podcasts are everywhere all of a sudden? This helpful article explains the benefits to your business having a podcast and why it should be included in your content marketing plans.

Podcasts are easily accessible

Today podcasts can be found by anyone who owns a smartphone, and let’s be honest that’s a lot of people! Over 19.1 million people in the UK listen to podcasts, and 79% of those listen on a smartphone. Your brand can be embedded into popular apps such as Apple Podcasts & Spotify and reach a truly global audience with a click of a button. Due to this, having your own podcast is huge for brand awareness.

Podcasts can be made quicker and easier than videos

Podcast equipment has developed a lot over recent years, meaning you can get a studio-quality recording with most of the equipment you already own! With the addition of a good quality USB microphone (such as a Rode NT-USB or Shure MV7), your office can act as the ideal podcast recording studio. By working with an experienced podcast editor, you can feasibly record a high-quality podcast either in person or remotely and have it published to the world within just a few hours.

You can showcase your brand’s personality

Podcasts allow for creativity and can allow your chosen host, guests and even the production to showcase the personality of your brand and truly represent your voice in the correct way. Whilst the sound of the podcast is important, the content within it provides a highly effective way to connect with your target market and the flexibility a podcast episode offers means you don’t have to sacrifice the content to fit with formats you often have to with video content or blogs.

Cost of podcasting

Due to the nature of podcast recording and editing, it doesn’t cost a fortune to start a podcast for your business. A quality podcast recording doesn’t require a truck full of highly expensive equipment and as such the overall costs of producing a 30-minute podcast are much lower than a 30-minute video. 

Additionally, free software such as Audacity is a good option when it comes to editing your podcast, however, it may be worth investing in editing software like Adobe Audition for more options and a higher-quality end product.

Improve conversion

Due to the intimate nature of listening to a podcast, the one-to-one relationship between your host and the listener means they are a brilliant way to grow trust with your audience. This helps to have the audience think of your business as a person than as a brand – when this happens, they are much more likely to buy from you. A survey of 300,000 podcast listeners found that 63% of them had bought something they heard promoted on a podcast.

Listening Dog Media – Podcast Production Agency

Are you looking at launching a podcast for your business? At Listening Dog Media we can assist in the production and promotion of a podcast your business can be proud of.

We offer a range of podcast services including our podcast launch serviceaudio editingpodcast promotion and more.

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