Why You Should Consider Video Podcasting

Why You Should Consider Video Podcasting

Why You Should Consider Video Podcasting

Video podcasting is a phrase that is relatively new, but the concept has been around for some time. You may have heard it referred to as vodcasting, a shortened version of video podcasting. But if podcasting is working, why would you need to look into doing videos?

There are a number of reasons you should consider video podcasting, including the fact that it is rapidly becoming a popular method of reaching out to people. While many people don’t have time to read, they do listen to podcasts. Add in video and you have the perfect combination for those who are interested in gaining more knowledge or enjoying more entertainment.

The Benefits of Video Podcasting

There are so many benefits to video podcasting that it’s hard to list them all. However, we do have a few that you should know about.

Video Adds New Dimensions to Podcasts

Listening to a podcast is something people obviously enjoy, but when you add visuals, it can really enhance the story you’re trying to tell. This works for absolutely any genre. If you’re simply talking about your childhood, your facial expressions can be quite revealing and people will love to see images from your past. Likewise, when talking about a serial killer, the ability to show your listeners what the person looked like will help them really get into what you’re saying.

Build Your Audience

With video podcasting, you can reach a wider range of people. Part of this is the fact that some people only watch videos, rather than listen to podcasts. Part is due to the fact you can post your video podcasts to sites like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, among many others, because they have video content.

Increase Your Authority

Whether you’re trying to brand yourself or grow a business, you’ll quickly learn that those with podcasts and videos are more likely to be seen as an expert in your area. This will only increase with the more videos you put out. People will begin to take you seriously and that can be a wonderful way to build your authority so you can increase your influence.

Build a Relationship with Your Listeners

You’ll end up with die-hard fans even if you’re not on screen. Presenting yourself as a real person, however, where you actually face your audience, can be a huge leap forward in creating that relationship with your followers.

Strengthen Your Personal Brand

Whether or not you have a business that you wish to promote, video podcasting can be a really great way to build your own brand. It’s something that makes your name known and it gets you out in front of your audience. If you build that up now, you may later end up using it in a very different way. The trick is having that audience that you can leverage when you need them.

Reach Non-Podcast Followers

One of the big reasons so many podcasters end up doing video podcasting is the fact that there are so many more people who love to watch videos. If you are only presenting yourself in audio format, you have to admit that you’re leaving a lot of potential listeners behind. They may never find you simply because they don’t know where to look. If you have a vodcast on YouTube, they’re more likely to encounter your videos while searching for your topic. However, this is something that depends on each podcaster. Do you want to reach more people? If you’re aiming for growth, then it’s just the smart way to go.

How to Start with Video

The simplest method of adding videos to your private podcast is to just invest in a good camera and film yourself as you record. The talking head format is widely used and quite popular. If you prefer, you can use a range of images and stock footage to create your own interesting video, as long as you are careful of copyrights.

Be sure to provide yourself with a nice background, even if this is just a simple sheet hung up behind you. It’s also important to have good lighting, so sit by a window or use a ring light or studio light to give you the best possible quality for your video.

Once you have the video recorded, much like audio, you’ll have to edit it. This can be done with video editing software or you can outsource this particular task. It’s best to remove the ums and ahs when you’re trying to create high quality content.

If you’ve decided to use outside media for the purposes of your video, you should be well-versed in what can be done with it. Know your copyright laws and be sure to get permission. Creating a video that also contains relevant clips and images can be a good way to engage your followers and keep them interested, particularly if they’re not really into regular podcasts.

Podcast Branding and Marketing

The next step is podcast distribution. You need to be sure you’re easily found and that means using everything from SEO to social media to get your name out there. You also need to focus on podcast branding.

What does podcast strategy and branding mean? You decide on what you want to represent with your video podcasting and then make it happen. Everything from the background in your video to the logo you use should be focused on this brand.

Podcast distribution is also important. Once you’ve established your brand, you need to spread it. Do this by listing your vodcast in directories, collaborating with companies to gain visibility, and asking your listeners to review you and let their friends know. It’s all a really great way to ensure that your name gets out there.

Podcasting is very popular and many people listen to podcasts on their morning commute. However, you could easily reach many more people if you simply begin with podcast videos.

Interested in learning more about podcast strategy and distribution? Contact Listening Dog Media for help.

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