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An Enhanced Listener Experience With Podcast Show Notes

Podcast show notes are a great way to collect and organise the information you have found on a particular topic and share with listeners, providing an insight into the research, recording process, or simply as additional bonus content for them to enjoy.

We can take your episodes to the next level with extensive podcast show notes, providing added context, episode-specific information, and links to media and topics which are directly relevant to discussions. Our show notes can direct listeners new and old to previous episodes or product pages, affecting outcomes with a rousing call to action.

Compelling Podcast Descriptions And Titles

Your podcast will immediately be judged on its title and description, making it a priority to ensure these are optimised to suit your intended audience. With content experts on hand to produce an appealing and engaging overview of your show, Listening Dog Media will endeavour to identify and fulfil the needs of your listeners or to meet a specific strategy.

Producing an accurate yet exciting and descriptive synopsis of your podcast is easier said than done, and having worked with both nationally recognised clients and smaller podcast startups on a regular basis, we know what works. An intriguing and well-written description will separate you from the crowd, improving engagement and shareability.

Carefully Crafted Podcast Overviews

With a limited number of characters to summarise the appeal and purpose of your show, an overview should be concise yet interesting, giving a new listener the incentive to tune in, or providing a return listener with something original. Show notes, titles and everything in between will be chosen strategically, and offer value to those who are interested.

We aim to improve the visibility of your podcast by prioritising search engine ranking. By targeting SEO keywords in your podcast show notes, you will become more accessible to new listeners, who will in turn gain value from timestamps, hyperlinks and interactive elements.

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