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Reliable Audience Growth With Listening Dog Media

Not attracting the listeners that you hoped for? We’re readily available consultants who know what it takes to catch the eye (and ear) of potential customers. Working with an array of commercial and media clients, we know how to tailor PR and coverage needs to you, regardless of your scale and existing online presence.

Podcast Marketing For Your Audio Experience

Bespoke packages will leave no stone unturned, and we’re well-equipped to deal with specific requirements, limitations and needs. Whether you’re looking to drive new listeners and reviews, or appeal to a brand new demographic, we can take the reins and grow your audience to align with goals.

Podcasts are the present and the future, so we always stay one step ahead of the trends and crazes that are making a splash. Establishing a presence on the likes of Spotify, Apple Music and Castbox will give you an edge against competitors, and our track-record of bringing in advertising deals and long-term podcast partners makes us experts in podcast strategy.

Expand Your Reach With Podcast Advertisement

Our provision of programmatic ads will give you the specifics you need to become a recognisable name within your genre. We can provide a gateway for data-driven insights and algorithms, advertising to the right user at the right time. Knowing your demographic is crucial, and means that we can pave the way for future promotional campaigns and podcast marketing.

With proven systems and strategies in place, let us increase your brand exposure and podcast shareability. We aren’t just any other podcast promotion service, and we can act as consultants for as long as you need us, forming a full strategy for you to attract and retain genuine listeners.

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