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Reliable Audience Growth With Listening Dog Media

Is your podcast struggling to achieve the reach that you hoped for? We are a team of experienced, readily available consultants who know what it takes to grow your audience. Working with an array of commercial and media clients, we are able to tailor our podcast marketing services to your needs, regardless of your existing scale and online presence.

Podcast Marketing For Your Audio Experience

Our bespoke podcast promotion service leaves no stone unturned. Whether you’re looking to boost audience growth or appeal to a new demographic, we work collaboratively with you to promote your podcast and achieve your goals.

The podcast industry is booming, so it’s always important to stay one step ahead. Establishing a presence on mainstream platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Castbox will give you an edge against the competition. As a leading UK podcast promotion agency with a track record of obtaining advertising deals and long-term podcast partnerships, we have established ourselves as experts in podcast strategy.

Expand Your Reach With Podcast Advertisement

Our provision of programmatic ads will give you the specifics you need to become a notable name within your genre. We can offer a gateway to data-driven insights and algorithms, ensuring that your podcast is advertised to the right users at the right times. Knowing your demographic is crucial and helps you to pave the way for future advertisements and podcast promotional campaigns.

Thanks to a wide variety of tools, platforms, and services, podcast promotion is accessible to every level of podcaster. We work closely with all our clients to deliver streamlined, reliable, and cost-effective podcast promotion services that work.

With strategies in place proven to drive success, let Listening Dog Media podcast promotion services increase your brand exposure and podcast shareability. We aren’t just any UK podcast promotion agency: we can act as marketing consultants for as long as you need us, creating a long-term strategy for you to grow an audience of consistent listeners.

Whether you’re ready to kick-start your podcast promotion and marketing campaign or are just looking for some friendly advice, get in touch with the team in Manchester today. We’re happy to help.

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