Podcast Launch Service

Craft Immersive Audio Experiences With Our Podcast Launch Service

Choosing the correct launch strategy can be the difference between a bingeworthy audio adventure, or a run-of-the-mill podcast experience. Luckily, the team at Listening Dog Media Ltd can offer a complete and professional service, having worked with reputable clients including The BBC and Heineken.

Branding, Planning And Podcast Design

Creating an incredible podcast has never been easier, and with our complete launch service we leave no stone unturned to deliver on your objectives. Whether you need a long-term plan for audience growth, guidance for branding or easy solutions for podcast equipment, we’ll point you in the right direction.

We won’t make you settle for anything other than the best, accounting for structure, format, presentation and promotion. You lay out the vision and we work to make it happen. Not entirely sure what direction to go in? Lay out your initial ideas and we can connect the dots.

A Proven Process

The world of podcasting is constantly evolving, and our team are dedicated to staying on top of the latest developments and trends. Our considerations are as diverse as music choice, podcast design and training needs.

Our comprehensive process gets to the very core of what you want from your launch, accounting for audience, intention and podcast equipment requirements. We form new shows that simply work, and we’ll always be available to offer tailored creative guidance on artwork and podcast design.

Prompt delivery, consistent results and affordable rates set us apart from other service providers. Just look at some of our previous work for an overview of what your final product could look like.

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