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High-Quality Sound With Podcast Editing Services

When it comes to your podcast, audio resolution is paramount. If there’s one thing that will turn listeners away, it’s poor quality, badly mixed sound. Here at Listening Dog Media in Manchester, our audio editing services are designed to provide our UK clients with the exceptional sound their podcast deserves.

Whether you’re conversing with friends and want your ramblings to be crystal-clear, or you’re weaving an epic narrative of wizards and dragons, fine-tuning the sound with the help of a passionate podcast and audio editing company creates a professional exterior which is sure to see your reputation grow.

Faultless Content When You Outsource Podcast Editing

Regardless of the topic a podcast covers, the steps we take during editing will vary depending on the client and their circumstances. Although some podcasters we work with may benefit most from studio-quality audio or professional mixing and mastering, others will gain from content edits which simplify the stories being told, or cut down conversations in a streamlined manner.

We’re passionate about podcast creators producing the most refined offering that they possibly can. This is why we continue to provide an array of editorial services for clients as varied as independent podcasters and start ups, to large media companies and established content creators.

Trust Our Accomplished Editors

As the world of podcasts continues to grow, high-quality audio content is more important than ever, helping your brand to stand out from the crowd and gain a dedicated following. Here at Listening Dog Media, we’ve worked with a huge range of UK clients focussing on a wide variety of subject matter and podcast content. From athletes and celebrities to politicians and academics, no topic is too niche.

Our Manchester-based agency has more than 50 years of experience between us working in Regional and National UK Radio. Headed up by Award Winning Programmer Chris Pegg we are dedicated to creating great audio experiences. From editing podcasts and radio shows, we have the skills, knowledge and passion to create the very best audio product for you.

Whatever your background or requirements, feel free to get in touch with us today to discuss our podcast editing services; our dedicated agency in Manchester offers a swift turnaround and is always happy to help.

Do you have audio or video ready to be turned into a podcast? Use our fast turnaround service here, send us the recordings and we’ll get it back to you within 48 hours.

Podcast Editing



Our team of professional editors will take your recording and edit it ready to be released.

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Our team of professional editors will take your recording and edit it ready to be released.

This involves going through the raw audio and removing any unwanted or distracting noises, filling in gaps, adjusting levels, transitions, and adding any necessary music or sound effects. The purpose of this process is to ensure that the final product is of high quality, with a consistent and professional sound.

The editing process may also include adding sponsor or advertising messages, as well as making sure that each segment of the podcast flows smoothly and cohesively. Podcast episode editing is a crucial element to producing a successful and engaging podcast.

Raw Footage Length

Up to 30 mins (Audio only), 31-60 mins (Audio only), 60-89 mins (Audio only), Over 90 mins (Audio only), Up to 30 mins (Audio + Video), 31-60 mins (Audio + Video), 60-89 mins (Audio + Video), Over 90 mins (Audio + Video)


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