Top 5 Reasons To Start A Podcast

Top 5 Reasons To Start A Podcast

Top 5 Reasons To Start A Podcast

You may have considered starting a podcast for a while now, like many people. If you haven’t yet started because you aren’t sure it’s a good idea, we have a few reasons to consider it.

1. Build Your Audience

Need to connect with new clients? Podcasts help you reach exactly who is interested in what you offer. You have the option of simply podcasting on a topic and mentioning your offers, or you can build your episodes around what you do. The more you grow, the more people will hear about you and the bigger your audience will be.

2. Reach More People

A podcast attracts those who enjoy listening to content, rather than reading it. This means you can instantly reach a wider audience because you’re connecting to those who are interested in audio. This can mean a much larger audience may be exposed to whatever services you have to offer.

3. Share Your Views

Who doesn’t want to share what they think with the world? A podcast allows you to talk about what you love or are passionate about. Anyone with a similar interest can listen in and that can be quite rewarding.

4. Earn Money

While you’re not likely to earn much early on with a podcast, it can be a good way to add an income stream. You can direct people to your products and services, or you may send them to a website with affiliate links. Another option is to have sponsors, though this usually comes with size and authority, so it may take some time.

5. Establish Yourself as an Expert

Like publishing a book, producing a podcast can give you the authority needed to be considered an expert in your field. This is particularly true if you are talking about a non-entertainment topic. For example, if you are a chef and create a podcast on cooking techniques, you will be regarded as more of an expert than someone without any outside media.

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