Tips for Promoting Your Podcast

Tips for Promoting Your Podcast

Tips for Promoting Your Podcast

Just starting your podcast doesn’t guarantee a set number of listeners. In fact, you may end up talking to just one or two people in the beginning. Over time, your podcast will grow, but you can drastically speed the process up by doing some marketing.

List Your Podcast Everywhere

Do you have a website? A Twitter account? Anywhere you are online, you should include your podcast link. Invite people to check it out in real life, as well. You’ll see a boost in listeners by doing this since you already have an audience in all these areas.

Tell People What to Do

Most people are more likely to subscribe when you ask them to. A call to action is a way to let your listeners know what they should do. Ask them to subscribe and you’ll see more sign-ups.

Invite Guests

When you have a popular guest on your podcast, they will usually post about it on their social media. This can be a good way to introduce people to your podcast. They come to listen to the person they’re a fan of but may stick around if they like the content. Another option is the reverse, be the guest on another podcast.

Host a Giveaway

People love to get free things, so why not host a giveaway that requires people to subscribe to or share your podcast. If you’re giving away a good prize that people want, you can gain a number of followers this way.

Involve Your Listeners

The best way to boost your listeners is to leverage the ones you have. Ask them to share the podcast with others who would enjoy it. Hold a Q and A episode and ask them to ask you a question on social media and tag you so their friends can see it. Make good use of word-of-mouth marketing, since it can be very powerful.

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