The Raising of Coventry on BBC Radio 4

The Raising of Coventry on BBC Radio 4

The Raising of Coventry

A Listening Dog Media produced programme “The Raising of Coventry” is on BBC Radio 4 this week (Monday 16th November at 8pm and Wednesday 18th November at 11am).

80 years on from the attack on Coventry during the Second World War, the programme delves into what happened on the night of 14th November 1940, the myth that Winston Churchill sacrificed the city so that the Germans didn’t know that they had cracked the enigma code, and the journey to becoming the UK’s City of Culture 2021.

With archive audio, fictional characters and expert opinions, The Raising of Coventry takes the listener to that November night and explores the sights, sounds and feelings of that terrifying night.

The Raising of Coventry is narrated by Midlands Actor Cassie Bradley who is joined by Coventry actor Jay Sutherland, German Marcel Rasche and Brassic’s Steve Evets to tell the story of that night and the events that followed.

The programme has been described by the Mail on Sunday as “A stunning piece of radio”, as well as a Radio Pick of the Week in The Times.

Produced by Chris Pegg, Callum Marks, Adam Burgess and Tom Cross of Listening Dog Media.

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