February 3, 2019 admin

The importance of planning a link

One of the basics of being a great on air personality is always be sure you have a very clear point before you speak.

Too many presenters open the mic without really knowing why they are telling that particular story, or what they want the audience to do at the end of it.

If you don’t know then audience won’t know and you’ve wasted what could have been a brilliant link.

The best demonstration of that is this clip from “Trains, Planes and Automobiles”

In this age it isn’t just talking about something every year in November, every breakfast show up and down the Country talks about the New John Lewis Ad. They tell you if they like it, most shows will play a clip of it and it will feature on their social media pages – boring!

What else can you do with it? You know it’s coming so how much more creative can you be with it rather than just describing it and letting the audience know your opinion of it.

Although this isn’t a radio example I rather loved what Lidl did with it – why couldn’t your radio show do something similar?

Ed and Gemma from the Breakfast show on Heart West Midlands had a Elton John Look a like in on the show, it was funny and surprising and great that they didn’t just talk about the advert but they brought it to life in a creative way.

The Oscars are coming the Brits are coming – hell snow is coming so what more can you do than just talk about these things that really grabs the audience’s attention?