Podcast Production Case Study – Startup Sensations

Startup Sensations Podcast Production Case Study

We have produced the Startup Sensations podcast since it’s launch in 2023, our team work with hosts Bulent Osman (based in London) and Shelley Bays (based in California) and have produced over 30 episodes in the time since we began the project together.

Concept & Strategy

When we were approached about developing this podcast series we listened to the initial idea of the team and helped to shape it into the podcast it has become. As an exited tech founder, Bulent’s experience in business led to him wanting to share his knowledge with business owners on both sides of the pond.

We knew we wanted to develop a series where entrepreneurs could hear advice from people who had experienced funding troubles, investors, and those people who had successfully launched their business internationally and reach people in those areas. Due to this, Bulent & Shelley targeted relevant guests and we began working on a LinkedIn strategy as a part of marketing plans.


Our team worked on developing an audio branding package for the podcast which included podcast production including a top & bed for the show’s introduction and an outro including a call-to-action, helping to give the show a professional sound and boost the quality of each episode.

Additionally, we created the visual branding for the show including logos, social media artwork and style guides. This ensured the series had a consistent look across all platforms.

We create artwork for each episode for use on the team’s social media channels as well as the official LinkedIn page for the podcast. This podcast artwork has been a great tool for guests to promote the episode in which they feature on.



All episodes of Startup Sensations are recorded remotely using Riverside as both hosts are in separate countries and guests join us from all over the world. All recording sessions are managed by our team to ensure we get everything we need for every episode.


Once we have everything we need for the episodes, our team then sets to work on editing it together into one episode. Tying together our production music & voiceover with the recorded intro and outro from Bulent and Shelley as well as an edited version of the main interview.

We work closely with Bulent & Shelley on any required edits before it’s finalised and ready for release.


We distribute the podcast every Tuesday onto all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts & Spotify. We support in the creation of the episode titles & description to ensure that the episode is SEO friendly in order to boost discoverability of the podcast.


Whilst working with the team we have assisted with promotion of the podcast from the creation of social media clips, creating an advert to promote the series on other podcasts and arranging paid platform opportunities to grow the number of downloads and subscribers for the podcast.


Callum Marks and Ian Hamilton at Listening Dog Media have been brilliant. A year ago I knew nothing about podcasting, but during 2023 they have made it very easy for me to record, edit, package and distribute my weekly transatlantic business podcast. Called The Startup Sensations Podcast, I wanted it to have very high production values and that has been achieved for both of our two seasons so far. Each episode is produced with attention to detail to ensure we keep growing our loyal listenership from Both Sides of the Pond. We are moving ahead with Season 3 from January 2024. Very highly recommended!

Bulent Osman – Startup Sensations

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