Starting A Private Podcast For Your Business

Starting A Private Podcast For Your Business

Starting A Private Podcast For Your Business

When planning your internal communications strategy for your business there is a range of innovative solutions that can be implemented. One increasingly popular option is starting a private podcast to be distributed within your business. This offers a versatile and efficient communications tool providing the option to cover company news, training and other internal communications in an easily digestible format. With careful planning, you can ensure that you get the most out of a private podcast for your company.

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Podcasting In Internal Communications

One of the challenges in internal communications is providing key information in a format that can be digested easily and efficiently. Whilst high-quality written internal communications are still crucial there are limitations to an internal communications strategy relying solely on written communication. The volume and range of information that can be communicated in a podcast format mean that this can provide a necessary complementary approach to more traditional forms of internal business communications.

Setting Up A Podcast For Your Business

One of the key steps to getting the most out of your private business podcast is clearly defining the scope and aims. This should also include a plan for how frequently the podcast will be recorded, which team members will feature on the podcast and who will manage the logistic, technical and administrative aspects of the podcast as it progresses. Taking the time to properly plan the podcast before launching it is a valuable investment in this addition to your internal communications strategy.

Efficient Internal Distribution

There is a number of steps available to efficiently distribute a private podcast. Many streaming services include the option to create private podcasts. There are also a number of apps and podcast startups offering specialist services for distributing private podcasts. Working alongside an innovative company offering assistance with the technical and logistical aspects of your podcast can help ensure that you can get the most out of your internal podcast by following best practices and efficient distribution steps.

For Help Setting Up A Private Podcast For Your Business, Get In Touch With Listening Dog Media

At Listening Dog Media we can provide an efficient and cost-effective service to help your business maximise the opportunities for effective and efficient internal communications provided in private business podcasting. For more information on our range of services, get in touch with our team today by calling 0345 366 9759 or emailing hello@listeningdogmedia.com.

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