Starting A Podcast: From Podcast Setup To Finding An Editing Service

Starting A Podcast: From Podcast Setup To Finding An Editing Service

Starting A Podcast: From Podcast Setup To Finding An Editing Service

Starting a podcast is as exciting as it is daunting, with competitors to consider, a professional exterior to build upon, and all manner of tech and software-related issues to prepare for. Regardless of whether you’re a podcasting rookie, or an experienced producer, having an exhaustive list to-hand is bound to be beneficial. Let Listening Dog Media take you through the most important considerations when setting up your show, from the absolute basics, to handy marketing and podcast branding tips for accumulating a following. Having worked with the likes of David Seaman’s ‘Seaman Says’ podcast, The Hot Mess Mums Club, and other genre favourites, we can offer a helping hand regardless of your chosen topic or niche.

Topic And Theme

The first step is always likely to be your big idea, which could be a project formed over a number of years, or simply an unexpected eureka moment which has you excited. Targeting a genre which isn’t diluted is a great idea, while you will want to find a unique audience to tap into. Consider the topic of ‘football’ for example – there are no-doubt hundreds, if not thousands of podcasts on Spotify and Apple Podcasts covering this broad idea, but what if you could hone in on just one team or league? Do your research in advance, and try to cater your initial ideas toward a clearly identified demographic.

The scattergun approach is unlikely to work in most cases, though there are plenty of popular shows which have gained traction simply from including interviews with interesting and varied guests. Be sure to set out clearly defined goals in advance of writing a script or recording – this should help you to stay on-track if you lose your way later down the line.

Creative Podcast Branding

The goal for your podcast branding will be to make it stand out from the crowd. Getting creative with this is encouraged, and having a logo designed which stands out from the crowd and catches the eye will separate you from your competitors. Though a bright and eccentric design is perhaps likeliest to attract attention from those browsing, bear in mind that you should match any design with the tone of your genre. Whereas a vibrant podcast thumbnail may be fantastic when paired with a cheerful topic, it may not be as appropriate for a show which focuses on crime or natural disasters – choose your designs wisely.

At Listening Dog Media, our process is comprehensive and tailored to you, with creative branding just one of many expert areas we’re proud to offer those who work with us. If you enjoy creating your own logos and digital artwork, we can help you along the way, with tailored creative guidance. Alternatively, if you come to us with a completely blank slate, we can produce premium-quality podcast thumbnails and promotional artwork which align with your focus.

Selecting A Format

The growing popularity of audio podcasts as a media offering has seen prominent formats emerge, and your task is to decide which of these formats would work well for your particular show. Longform conversations and detailed descriptions over a number of hours have remained popular for years, while bite-sized snippets, clips and anecdotes are ideal in 10 to 20 minute chunks. Likewise, weekly episodes, monthly releases on a certain date, and even daily uploads are prominent, and similar to the branding, you should aim to match the format up with your topic.

Composing A Script

A podcast script can make or break your podcast offering, with a professional and well-formatted script able to communicate your ideas and interesting topic, while striking the correct tone and remaining engaging. Realistically, anyone can compose a podcast script, although it takes a creative mind to come up with one which immediately captures the audience.

When writing a script, you will want to consider everything from the pacing and structure, to striking a conversational tone. The Introduction and conclusion are crucial too, so set out a clear start point, episode ending, and keep in mind that this may be a listener’s first time checking out your podcast, so introduce the premise of your show in a clear and concise manner.

Setting Up Your Studio And Recording Your First Podcast

You may be under the impression that hiring out a professional recording studio is the best way to go about starting your podcast, but this doesn’t have to be the case. With Listening Dog Media, you could acquire access to all the recording equipment, professional editing software, and industry expertise you need to turn your home or office into the ideal recording studio.

As well as supplying the tools you need to make your podcast great, we can pair you up with a skilled and knowledgeable member of our podcasts team, who will assist with everything from mixing audio to isolating speech for a cleaner, higher quality sound.

Poor sound quality is likely to be hugely offputting for listeners, so using industry-standard recording equipment is sure to set you up for success. Once the audio is recorded, our editing and production team can take things to the next level, creating a final product you will be happy to call your own.

Content Distribution And Audience Engagement

Content distribution and promotion is important when it comes to spreading the word of your launch, and although there are many ways in which you can market your product, one of the best ways to advertise free media is by utilising social networks and online advertising. By focusing on the demographic you specified during the planning stage, you can appeal to a ready-made audience, coming up with inventive ways to improve shareability and engagement.

Incentivise potential listeners by emphasising the unique selling point of your episodes, and spread the word as far as you can. A podcast which is distributed effectively is much likelier to pick up steam than one which is simply released and left to be found among countless other releases. Our track-record of bringing together deals and partners makes us experts in podcast strategy, providing a gateway for data-driven insights and algorithms,

Shows We Love

The Pod Play

The Pod Play is a regular series, showcasing plays performed and recorded live outside of a normal theatre setting, in front of an audience, and completed in one take. With almost 50 episodes to get through, start listening to original and classic productions today,

The Mancmade Podcast

A podcast celebrating everything Manchester, Mancmade is a unique series which showcases tales from one of England’s most beloved cities, with a humorous and charming twist. Guests are as varied as comedians and celebrities, to local heroes.

One Decision

This  podcast covers broad issues and important events, with One Decision focusing on worldwide political scandals, wars in Europe, and much more. Browse through a back-catalogue of 60 episodes, and stay updated for new releases and snippets.

Listening Dog Media Ltd: Professional Editing Service And Podcast Script Assistance

At Listening Dog Media, we always stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments, from popular subgenres, creative branding choices, and much more. Considering everything from music, audio quality, and mixing, alongside corresponding episode art, and detailed descriptions, our detailed process will get to the very core of what you want from your launch. By accounting for your target audience throughout, we have a knack for producing shows which simply work.

Not only are we known for our in-depth knowledge of everything podcast-related, but our team also retains over 30 years experience in radio production, placing us among the very best companies to create content for radio, be that community broadcasts, or commercial. Our diverse offering of  previous programmes have included The Raising Of Coventry, Homeschool Helpers, and Ruck It! So don’t hesitate to contact us today with your podcast or radio programme queries.

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