Popular Types Of Video Podcasting

Popular Types Of Video Podcasting

Popular Types Of Video Podcasting

There are many ways to create a podcast, with several video podcast opportunities available at your disposal ranging from the simple to the complex. In this helpful guide, we discuss three popular types of video podcast formats, offering expert insight into how they can be used for your content creation. 

Static Image Podcast

An ideal solution for those short on time, creating a video podcast with a static image is incredibly simple. Record your podcast audio as normal, upload it to a basic editing software programme, and simply add an image or slideshow of images over the top. Export this as a video file and voila! You’ve got yourself a video podcast. 

This may sound a little straightforward, but don’t be afraid to get a little creative with it! A static image can be anything you choose, from cartoons to professional photographs of your podcast hosts and guests. If you’re feeling especially creative, highlight the photo of the guest who is talking, to help the audience visualise them when in a discussion. 

In-Studio Podcast

An ideal podcast recording type if you have the necessary space, in-studio recording typically involves a recorded conversation between a podcast host and their guests in a studio or room. This type of podcast is common, proving popular with audiences, helping them to connect with the speakers during the conversation as if they were in the studio with them. 

However, you will need to ensure you have an appropriate space/studio to record and shoot your podcast, setting up multiple cameras, depending on the number of speakers you will have the focus on. This will inevitably take longer than a simple static image podcast, with the level of production and editing required far more complicated and precise. 

Monologue Podcast

Best suited for individual content creators, the monologue podcast allows for the host to record their podcast in front of a camera, often sharing their thoughts on a specific topic. Acting as the centre of attention for the entirety, podcast hosts will talk openly about their thoughts, feelings, experiences or insider knowledge of a specific subject. Monologue podcasts are common on platforms such as YouTube, with hosts discussing topics as varied as business, content production, gaming or politics. 

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