Podcast Topic Ideas For Your Next Episode

Podcast Topic Ideas For Your Next Episode

Podcast Topic Ideas For Your Next Episode

One of the most challenging parts about running a podcast is coming up with fresh and engaging content each week. 

Podcasts are usually long-form pieces of content covering a broad range of topics, so coming up with future episode ideas can be difficult. 

Get inspired with our list of the best trending topics for your podcast and add your own personal spin to keep your audience engaged and entertained.

Give it a Seasonal Theme

Using the seasons as a focal point of your episode is a great way to keep it relevant. 

As Christmas is approaching, you might want to start thinking about some Christmas-themed podcast ideas to get your audience in the Christmas spirit.

For example, you might want to focus on religion, Christmas books or films, cosy ASMR or personal resolutions. If you have any funny personal Christmas or New Years’ Eve stories, these could make for a great storytime episode.


Some of the most successful podcasts are those that regularly interview guests.

When you are struggling to come up with ideas or stories of your own, having a guest on your podcast is a good way to freshen up your content as your guest will most likely have their own stories and experiences to share. 

Interviewing also allows you to combine audiences and reach higher listening figures, so it is a great way to boost the overall success of your podcast.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Podcasts that are packed full of useful life tips and advice – whether that’s mental, emotional or physical – are always relevant in the podcast world.

People are always seeking tips and advice on ways to improve mental health and wellbeing, so creating a useful podcast that your audience can listen to on the go for a quick boost of perspective or advice, will be a big success.


It’s no surprise that comedy is one of the top podcasting genres out there. 

You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to start a comedy podcast – just be yourself and tell some funny or embarrassing stories and you’ll soon find an audience of people who love what you do. 

It’s a good idea to bring a close friend or family member on these types of podcasts as you can bounce off of each other’s humour and create a naturally funny, easy-to-watch episode for your listeners.

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