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Content with Purpose

We have a number of podcast series with Content With Purpose, each of them focusing on the work of a different trade. With a host & 2 guests on each episode, our team manage all elements of podcast production for the team.

Concept & Strategy

Upon starting work with the Content with Purpose team we began discussing how a series and each episode might be outlined. Planning began with areas of focus we needed to hit with each 6 episode series as the team booked guests suitable.

We wanted to ensure each episode was easily consumable and accessible so that the target audiences, which would be different for each series, could listen as and when they could and the information they would receive would not be irrelevant.

Audio Branding

Our team produced a different audio branding package for each series, working with a VoiceOver to create a professional top & bed for every episode as well as developing adverts to promote the commercial partners attached to each series.

Here an example below.


All episodes of Content with Purpose are recorded remotely using Riverside with hosts and participants joining from different parts of the country. All recording sessions are managed by our team to ensure we get everything we need for every episode.


Once we have everything we need for the episodes, our team then sets to work on editing it together into one episode. Tying together our audio branding with the recorded intro and outro along with an edited version of the main interview.

We work closely with the Content with Purpose team on any required edits before it’s finalised and ready for release.


Each episode has been delivered direct to the client as well as on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts & Spotify. We consulted the team in the creation of the episode titles & description to ensure that the episode is SEO friendly in order to boost discoverability of the podcast.


We’ve worked with Listening Dog Media on a number of podcast series and the whole process was made really easy by the team. Each of the episodes produced have been top quality and we look forward to more collaboration in the future!

Max Smith – Content With Purpose

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