Podcast Equipment: Everything You Need to Record

Podcast Equipment: Everything You Need to Record

Podcast Equipment: Everything You Need to Record

The difference between a good podcast and a great podcast can often boil down to the quality of equipment used.

Spending hours crafting scrips can become futile if the quality of the audio becomes muffled or the editing is too choppy once uploaded.

This is why it is worth investing in the right equipment to take your podcast to the next level.


A laptop is where all the magic happens – it’s where you will be editing and exporting all of your content, so it’s worthwhile investing in a good one.

Macbooks are a reliable option because they are quick and compatible with most video editing softwares like iMovie and Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

The Apple Macbook Pro with M1 Chip has been found to be the best quality laptop for seamless power, performance and speed. Not only this, but it has professional-grade and studio-quality microphones to make your voice clear, which is ideal for podcasts.


While laptops have progressed to offer good quality built-in microphones, a stand alone microphone will generally provide better audio quality. Built-in microphones on laptops often pick up on ambient sound and will sound less professional. 

The easiest way to get started is to use a USB microphone. However, if you have multiple people or you want more flexibility, you will need one or more microphones with an XLR output.

The HyperX QuadCast S is a popular microphone choice for many podcast creators. This microphone includes an anti-vibration shock mount to quieten the rumbles of daily life so that your podcast listeners can focus on the content without being distracted by any background noise.


You might have wondered why most podcast creators wear headphones when recording their episodes. This is because headphones serve as your audio monitor. Although it can be slightly off-putting hearing your own voice, it is the best way to monitor your audio quality and check for any overlapping noise.

For a truly professional podcast studio, use the Sennheiser HD25 Headphones with 1.5m straight cable.

Mic Stands

Using a microphone stand will greatly improve your posture and sound quality when recording an episode. A good quality mic stand will allow you to easily move the microphone to a comfortable position.

The Rode PSA1 has a full 360 degree rotation arm allowing you to adjust the mic for optimised positioning.

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