Misconceptions About Podcast Creation

Misconceptions About Podcast Creation

Misconceptions About Podcast Creation

Creating a podcast from scratch is never easy, and even if you’ve comprehensively planned out the idea, accounted for pitfalls along the way, and acquired the correct equipment or software, the process is unlikely to be a simple one. There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding the production of shows, with falsehoods around the simplicity of branding, complexities of mixing and mastering audio, and much more, which is why we have created this quick guide for clarity.

At Listening Dog Media, we’re well-equipped to help out with all aspects of your podcast, having overseen the progress of many popular narrative podcasts and interview series’. Continue reading for the truth behind some prominent myths and misconceptions.

There’s No Need To Edit – Podcasts Should Sound Natural

Though there is some truth in this (dependent on your concept, you may want the dialogue and exchanges between guests to sound natural), releasing a podcast as a raw continuous audio file is rarely a sensible decision. Basic audio editing and post-production can have a drastic effect on the listenability of your show, giving the sound a polished and professional exterior, as well as cutting out any prolonged silences, creating a cohesive final product. Having overseen the successful launch of many podcast startups, we have the tools and resources to make your show stand out from the crowd.

There Is An Ideal Podcast Length

While you should of course attempt to keep your podcast within certain parameters (not so short that it seems to end prematurely, and not so long that it becomes boring or repetitive), there is no real optimum length for a podcast episode. While some listeners prefer bite-sized chunks of content for their daily commute, other topics and themes of importance may benefit from lengthier episodes, with longform audio content becoming increasingly popular. Experiment with episode lengths and find out what works best for your demographic.

You Should Do It All By Yourself

Though your podcast is likely to be a source of pride, and the culmination of many hours working and researching, there are no reasons to completely tackle it alone. Specialist podcast marketers, editors and branding experts are available to assist when required, with Listening Dog Media well-versed in current trends and developments. We can lend a helping hand without compromising your original podcast design and preferences, leading to a brilliant finished product which you can truly call your own.

Getting Your Show On Streaming Platforms Is Difficult

Though it may seem like a privilege to have your show published on Spotify, Apple Music, or another prominent streaming service, the process of getting yourself a spot on such platforms is surprisingly easy. Often as simple as linking your podcast’s unique RSS feed on the relevant page, your episodes will even be uploaded to such services automatically once linked, saving you the time and effort of navigating to each page individually.

At Listening Dog Media, we craft entertaining and informative podcasts for audiences as varied as rugby fans, new Mums, and those interested in the occult, so if you’re looking to launch an audio experience, we’re the professionals to consult. Whether you require assistance with audio editing, marketing, or branding, we maintain a team of trustworthy professionals who are more than happy to help, so contact us today.

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