Listening Dog Media launches skincare podcast

July 1, 2019
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Listening Dog Media launches skincare podcast

Listening Dog Media have teamed up with skinfluencer and beauty therapist Ella Gorton to produce a brand new podcast, Speak Skin, to share her skin journey with fellow acne sufferers and those interested in skincare.

As an acne sufferer, at first Ella felt alone in her journey and felt there was a preconception that people who suffered with bad skin were seen as dirty. She was embarrassed to go out in public without makeup on, and her skin began to affect both her mental health and her day-to-day life, stopping her from doing basic things like going to the gym or out with friends.

The Speak Skin podcast has been created to open up the conversation around skin and acne, creating a channel to help others going through a similar experience. In the first episode, Ella shares her skin story from the unsuccessful attempts to cure her acne, through to how she now wants to help others who are having similar skin problems.

During the series Ella speaks to fellow skin care sufferers along with professionals who offer help and advice to anyone suffering similar problems, with a new guest appearing on the show each week.

Ella originally started documenting her journey on Instagram in October 2016, on the first day she started to take Roaccutane to try to solve her skin problems. She began by taking a photo of her skin each day to help herself see the progress she was making on the drug.

Through her Instagram account, she found a community of acne sufferers who were all going through the same journey, and these became her support network. Since starting her social media channels Ella has connected with acne sufferers all over the world and has since gone on to gain further qualifications to find out more behind the science of skin.

About Ella’s Journey

At the age of 21, Ella a skincare blogger from Manchester, suffered a severe acne breakout after going on a girls holiday – and that’s where her skin story begins. Since then she’s tried different creams, medications and lifestyle changes to combat her skin care struggles. Today she has won the battle and is sharing some of her skin care tips.

Acne took over Ella’s life, and affected not  just her skin but her mental health. After two years of fighting her skin with antibiotics and home remedies, and at points even trying to wash her own skin with dettol, she accepted the drug Roaccutane which has been shown to help cases of acne, albeit with serious side effects.

Ella documented her journey on Instagram at @_MySkinStory, and now has over thirteen thousand followers from all over the world who find comfort in the fact that they are not alone with their skin problems. On her channels Ella speaks about the products that really do make a difference, and opens up the conversation around how skin can hugely affect mental health.

Since starting her journey Ella has taken two rounds of the skincare drug Roaccutane. Roaccutane works by shutting down the skin’s oil production, and has been known to have around an 80% success rate, but this comes with serious side affects. The drug has been known to make users super sensitive to the sun, make skin so dry it can crack open, and there have also been reports of affects to mental health including depression.

In her podcast and on her Instagram channel, Ella talks about her experience with Roaccutane and her other attempts to cure her acne.

Ella is now in a good place with her skin but she knows this is not the end of the journey, she now works to maintain her skin with a healthy lifestyle, and she strives to learn more about skin through her job as a beauty therapist.

The My Skin Story clinic is now open in Manchester, where Ella offers Mesotherapy, chemical peels and microneedling to help people achieve their best skin yet.

Speak Skin episode has been released this week. New episodes will be available weekly with a special guest each episode to share their own skin experience and knowledge. Series one guests include:

  • Demi Hayes – Facial expert and owner of Elegance Aesthetics. Demi runs her own facial clinic specialising in microneedling and plasma pen
  • Kim Lever – Owner of Miki Makeup & Co, celebrity makeup artist and eczema sufferer
  • Jamie Leigh Agent – Specialist child and adolescent drama therapist. Jamie helps to change people’s mindsets to create positivity in every situation.

Speak Skin can be found on iTunes, Spotify and TuneIn.