Key Factors When Moving To Video Podcasting

Key Factors When Moving To Video Podcasting

Key Factors When Moving To Video Podcasting

If you have established your podcast with clear branding and topic areas, it can be challenging to identify the next step for growth. One option to add another aspect to your podcast is to move from audio-only to a video podcast. Whilst YouTube has been the first port of call for video podcasts, increasingly streaming services are adding video players as the market for podcasts continues to grow.

If you are considering moving over from an audio-only podcast to a vodcast there is a number of considerations to keep in mind. These factors relate to location, camera equipment and video editing software in addition to choosing the platforms that are best suited for your podcast. Overall, including video content with your content can be a great step to continue increasing engagement with your subscriber base as well as creating social media-friendly content to grow your podcast.

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Taking the time to plan the setting for your video podcast is essential as this can have an impact on the quality of the content you are producing. Factors such as lighting and acoustics are both key considerations when it comes to choosing a location. This is often the main barrier to moving over to a video podcast as audio-only recording offers significantly more versatility. Whilst some of the world’s biggest podcasts create expensive sets, looking at podcasts with a similar listenership to yours can help give some inspiration for creative set ideas.

Camera Equipment

There is a wide range of options when it comes to choosing camera equipment for your podcast. Similarly to choosing the set, there are high-quality options to meet a wide range of budgets. Many phones have high-quality cameras which can provide the option to explore video podcasting without purchasing new equipment. When choosing a camera, getting in touch with other podcasters and asking about the video equipment they use can be a good step to start researching different options.

Audio Quality

Moving over to video podcasting often leads to a number of changes in the recording process for podcasts. In some cases this can mean that sound quality is affected. For audio-only podcasts it is often easy to optimise the sound quality as this is a core focus. With the range of considerations that come with creating high-quality video podcast content, this can become more challenging. Recording a number of test-runs with video and audio is a good step to find the best approach for mic-placement, audio editing and noise reduction among other factors..

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