Interviewing Skills for Podcast Hosts: Dos and Don’ts

Interviewing Skills for Podcast Hosts: Dos and Don’ts

Interviewing Skills for Podcast Hosts: Dos and Don'ts

In the dynamic world of podcasting, the art of interviewing is a crucial skill for hosts to master. A compelling interview can captivate listeners and elevate your podcast to new heights. Here are some dos and don’ts to sharpen your interviewing skills.

Podcast Interview Dos

Prepare Thoroughly

Research your guest’s background, work, and recent activities. A well-prepared host can ask insightful questions, creating a more engaging conversation.

Active Listening

Focus on your guest’s responses. Thoughtful listening leads to meaningful follow-up questions and a more natural flow to the conversation.

Establish a Rapport

Begin with friendly and open-ended questions to make your guest feel comfortable. Building a rapport early on sets the tone for a more relaxed and authentic discussion.

Stay Flexible

While preparation is key, be ready to adapt. Sometimes the best moments arise from unexpected topics that unfold during the conversation.

Podcast Interview Don’ts


Avoid dominating the conversation. Let your guest share their insights and stories without constant interruption.

Overlooking Diverse Perspectives

Aim for a variety of guests to bring diverse viewpoints to your podcast. A mix of perspectives keeps your content interesting and relevant.

Ignoring Time Constraints

Respect your guest’s time. Keep the interview within the agreed-upon timeframe to maintain a positive relationship and encourage future collaborations.

Neglecting Post-Production

Edit your podcast for clarity and coherence. Remove unnecessary filler words or awkward pauses to enhance the overall listening experience.

By incorporating these dos and avoiding the don’ts, podcast hosts can refine their interviewing skills and create content that resonates with audiences, ultimately cultivating a loyal listener base.

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