The Rise of AI & The Impact On Podcasts

The Rise of AI & The Impact On Podcasts

The Rise of AI & The Impact On Podcasts

AI seems to be everywhere at the moment. In this article we look at the impact of AI on podcasts and just how useful they can be in your podcast production.

Impact of AI On Podcasts And The Software Available

Can AI help to speed up your podcast editing? In short, yes. Thanks to the likes of Descript & now Riverside, editing your podcast can be easier and can save some time thanks to their ability to edit by text. How does it work? With Descript, you record into the programme (or load the audio in) and it will provide you with a transcription. From here, you can edit your recording by deleting text (helpful if there are any stumbles or if you simply want to lose a section of the recording quickly and easily) and it will even help you take out the ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ that may be littered through the audio.

Recording platform Riverside has recently launched it’s own version of this, meaning you can record and edit your video within the platform using their new text-to-edit feature.

Can AI Improve The Quality Of My Audio?

There are a few AI options out there that will improve the quality of your audio for you. The latest comes from Adobe whose venture into AI for podcast recording & editing has already given us their ‘Enhance Speech’ feature and the results are remarkable.

If you have a recording where the guest is simply using their computer microphone or their phone, a simple drag and drop into Adobe’s Enhance Speech will leave you with a studio quality recording (almost!) and a final podcast that won’t leave you having to mess around with different plug-ins in post production in order to get it in the best condition.

Can ChatGPT Improve My Podcast?

ChatGPT is certainly the poster-software for AI at the moment, and there’s good reason for it! You can answer your questions, write copy and even draft emails for you. With this in mind, it’s a great option when you’re looking to write your podcast descriptions or even to use for emails when approaching potential guests.

Should I Be Utilising AI In My Podcast Production?

With the amount of options out there now to help make production easier it is absolutely something you should be using. Quite frankly, it’s almost possible for AI to do all your production, but for now we’d recommend just trying out Chat GPT & Adobe Enhancer.

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