Everything There is to Know About Vodcasts

Everything There is to Know About Vodcasts

Everything There is to Know About Vodcasts

Podcasts have been around long enough that most people know what they are and freely talk about which ones they listen to. However, audio isn’t the only option out there and that’s why vodcasts have come about. They add in a visual element that can be quite helpful in boosting your audience.

Vodcast vs. Podcast: What You Should Know

A podcast is an audio show or performance and the audio format has been in existence since 2004. You’ll find that they are available in nearly every genre or category out there. Whether you enjoy listening to comedy, audio drama, educational or business content, there’s something for everyone in podcasts.

A vodcast or video podcast is just a podcast with video added. It doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in front of a camera, however. Often the content is stock footage or images that transition as the narrator speaks. There are many different ways to handle this, but quite simply, visual data is the only difference between these two things.

Why You Need a Vodcast

Not everyone is able to sit and listen to a podcast and that’s where the video element comes in. It allows you to reach more people and create a unique relationship with them. For those who enjoy just the audio, it’s often possible to listen to podcast videos without worrying about the video.

Vodcasting is not only beneficial to you but to your audience. In fact, it has all the benefits of podcasting, but with the added benefit of visual stimulation.

Like a podcast, podcast videos can provide you with a way to grow your audience and establish yourself as an authority in your niche. People will respect you and video only adds to this respect, even if you don’t actually show your face. You’ve likely heard that content distribution is key in educating people about your business, but did you know that vodcasting is one of the best ways to do this? Studies show that most people prefer visual stimuli such as video to reading, so meet your audience where they’re at.

If you own a business, you can easily promote it on your podcast videos. Otherwise, you can aim to get sponsorships to help you monetise your show. Both options allow you to earn from your work.

Since videos are permitted on a range of platforms, it makes sense that you will have the ability to reach more people with videos. You can even add them to YouTube and other social media, where the video is prized above audio content.

A good podcast strategy ensures you’ll reach more people with your vodcast. We’ll look at marketing in a moment, but first, let’s find out how you can create your vodcast.

Steps to Creating Your Vodcast

Whether you’re new to podcasting or just vodcasting, it’s fairly easy to get started. You will need a few basic things to begin.

  • Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Camera for video
  • Good Lighting
  • A quiet spot to record
  • Recording/editing software

If you don’t intend to be on camera, you won’t need a camera, but you will need access to royalty-free images and stock video footage.

You can record your podcast as usual, but keep the camera on you. If you do choose to appear in the podcast, you may wish to create a special background for your video. There’s no need for special effects, but you can add in photos and other types of footage if you like.

Alternatively, you can simply create a video separately from the audio. You’ll need to note what timestamp your podcast has for specific images and then line them up. Most video editing software has the ability to add images and do a slow fade or zoom so it can add a little interest to the static image. You may also use video.

When using other people’s media, you must be careful to only use royalty-free images and video. This means reading the rules carefully on any image you use. Many stock photo sites will give you a license that you can show if needed.

How to Market Your Vodcast

Your podcast distribution strategy will determine how many people actually get to hear and see your vodcast. As with any business venture, podcast branding will have a lot to do with how many people are in your audience. So, how do you effectively market your vodcast?

Hold a Contest

Create a fun contest that requires people to subscribe to your vodcast in order to use it. You can ask them to share it or offer clues to the contest in the vodcast so they need to watch and listen to win. You may offer merch, a shoutout, or another prize that fits the theme of the vodcast.

Ask for Reviews

Your listeners are the best podcast strategy out there. Ask them to leave a review and you can start to build up a number of reviews that people will check when looking for a new podcast.

Share On Social Media

Of course, you should share podcast videos as much as possible on social media. It’s the best way to increase views and to remind people that you’re there. Staying active on social media between episodes is also helpful. Share everywhere and ask others to share, too.

Exchange Shoutouts

Working with other vodcasters is a good way to earn some extra listeners. You can do a shoutout on each other’s podcast videos, or you can take turns interviewing each other. Both options will get new people to pay attention and some may even subscribe due to this.

Submit to Podcast Directories

You can also submit your vodcast to all the most popular podcast directories and this can really help you spread the word. When someone is looking for a new listen on the topic you cover, they’ll check the directories and could find you.

Overall, vodcasting can add a whole new dimension to your podcast ideas. While some people will still only listen to the audio version, you can still reach even more people with the right podcast marketing and videos.

Are you interested in starting your own vodcast? At Listening Dog Media, we do more than give you a place to share your podcast. We can help with marketing, editing, and so much more. Learn more on our website.

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