Different Types of Content Production

Different Types of Content Production

Different Types of Content Production

Content comes in many different shapes and sizes so it is important to choose the type of content that will resonate best with your audience.

From attention-grabbing email campaigns to vibrant infographics, there are a myriad of ways to digitally connect with your chosen audience.

Delve into the different types of content production and learn how they can boost your business:

Content Distribution Channels

Content distribution is the process of sharing, publishing and promoting your content. There are many types of content you can create to market your business but not all types of content are created equally and each type typically requires its own content distribution plan.

Here are some of the most common content types available:

  • Podcasts / Vodcasts
  • Email Campaigns
  • Blog Posts
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • How-to Guides
  • Social Media Posts
  • Webinars
  • E-books

Podcasts / Vodcasts

Now in 2022, one of the most popular forms of content online is podcasts and vodcasts. A podcast is a series of spoken word audio episodes focused on a particular topic or theme. Vodcasts are the accompanying video recordings of these episodes.

Podcasts have exploded in popularity in the last few years because they create communities of people with shared interests or hobbies. There are podcasts covering almost every topic you can think of – sport, food, conspiracies, lifestyle and more. Celebrities and influencers often choose to host their own podcast to share their own personal life stories with their fans.

The most common platforms used to share these podcasts/vodcasts is Spotify, Youtube and Apple Podcasts.

How Can a Podcast / Vodcast Help Your Business?

In recent years podcasts have become a popular and effective means of communication for businesses. Not only are they a great way to engage with your current audience, but they also help you to reach new ones.

A podcast strategy can be used for lead generation, customer acquisition or even just brand awareness. It’s the perfect marketing strategy for any company that wants to create high-quality content in a more personalised manner – and it’s fun too!

They are a great way to provide content to your customers while also driving traffic back to your website. You can also get direct feedback from your listeners by asking them questions on various topics.

Email Campaigns

An email campaign is a sequence of marketing efforts that contacts multiple recipients at once. Email campaigns are targeted at current customers or potential new ones. They often include offers or engaging content to advertise specific products.

How Can Email Campaigns Boost Your Business?

Not only can email campaigns help to increase sales but they also help you build your brand image. Here are some other benefits that email campaigns can provide for your business:

  • Emails help nurture leads – when people are on the fence about making a purchase, they often need a little nurturing first. This is where email campaigns come in handy. Providing how-to guides, live demos, workshops, webinars, tutorials etc can help the customer feel more confident about making a purchase
  • Engagement – emails help to engage customers and keep their interest. It is the perfect platform to share important information and offer exclusive deals
  • Provide customer data – emails require personal information about your clients which can allow you to create bespoke promotions for each user. You’ll get to know which products are each customer’s favourites which can allow you to tailor your content to the different buying habits of your customers. As a result, you’ll increase your email performance and sales.

Blog Posts

A blog is a regularly updated website or web page and can be used either for personal use or to fulfil a business need. Blog posts cover all different topics from lifestyle and fashion to politics and news.

How Can Blog Posts Help Your Business?

A blog can open a range of new opportunities for your business. When used properly, a blog can increase awareness, showcase your expertise, answer customer queries and draw attention to your company website.

Here are a number of other benefits blog posts can provide for your business:

  • Improve your website’s SEO – using the right title, keywords and descriptions in your blog can boost your Google search rank for your chosen blog topic and bring new readers to your website. This will then increase your brand’s awareness and ideally lead to more business for you
  • Showcase how your product is useful to your clients – a blog can provide useful information on your products to showcase how customers would benefit from them. This could include FAQs, how-to’s and the benefits of the different products you offer

Video Marketing

The demand for video content is growing at an impressively rapid pace.

Nowadays, short-form videos are the most popular type of video content. They are snappy, attention-grabbing videos lasting up to 60 seconds and have made their way to almost every social media platform including Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels, TikTok, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

How Can Video Marketing Boost Your Business?

Video marketing is an integral part of a solid digital marketing strategy.

Besides staying ahead of the competition and keeping up with the latest trends, your business can reap the following benefits of a video marketing campaign:

  • Better SEO ranking – having videos on your website can help it receive higher rankings. This is because Google has been promoting the importance of video content for almost fifteen years and although videos don’t directly impact the rankings, they give your website a better chance of improving them
  • Boosts brand awareness – videos help to boost brand awareness which is a key aspect of a successful marketing strategy. You can use a video to tell a company story, arrange employee interviews and share behind-the-scenes footage
  • Improved engagement – videos have an extremely high share potential, which makes them ideal for improving engagement with your customers. By creating shareable content, you are encouraging users to interact with the content and become more connected to your brand


Infographics are informational sheets intended to present information quickly and clearly in a visual manner.

They often include pie charts, bar charts, diagrams and pictures to communicate the information memorably and effectively.

There is a range of websites that offer free infographic templates to use so that you can quickly and easily design your own infographic. Canva is a great option for a quick and effective infographic template design.

How Can Infographics Improve Your Business?

Infographics help your customers because they summarise complicated information in an appealing, easily digestible format.

Here are some benefits that infographics can provide for your business:

  • Improve engagement – your followers are more likely to see your content if it contains colourful and interesting images. Infographics are also much more shareable than other kinds of content so are great at improving brand engagement
  • Communicate your message more effectively – social media is a fast-paced world with lots of companies competing for the attention of potential customers. If you are producing word-heavy content without any pictures, chances are it is not going to receive much attention
  • Improve your SEO – when used together with other web elements, infographics facilitate higher ranking in search engines

Social Media Posts

With over 4.62 billion social media users worldwide in 2022, social media is one of the most effective ways to market your business.

New apps are constantly being created to tailor to the growing number of social media users and the demand is far from showing any signs of slowing down.


How Can Social Media Posts Help to Grow Your Business?

Social media gives you the opportunity to connect with your followers and keep them engaged with your content. Use a scheduling tool to plan regular social media posts to spread your brand awareness and establish your brand’s voice.

Social media also helps to increase website traffic by including links to different channels. This will then increase sales.


A webinar is an online event that is hosted by an organisation/company and broadcast to a select group of individuals through their computers via the internet.

The most important purpose of webinars is to educate and engage their audience.

How Can Webinars Help Your Business?

Webinars allow you to offer your audience value right away. With a webinar, leaders can share their knowledge, training and expertise on a chosen area which creates a loyal community, eventually leading to sales.

It can also create the reputation that you are a knowledgeable, credible company which values your customers, which can ultimately boost your business in the long run.

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