Continuity Policy

This is the planning for Listening Dog Media
Chris pegg Managing Director/ Programme Director will be the first contact to bring this plan in to action
Callum Marks Production Director is the 2nd point of contact 
Statement of general policy Responsibility of: Chris Pegg/Callum Marks Action/Arrangements (What are you going to do?) 
Unable to use our studios Based in Worsley due to circumstances out of our controlChris Pegg/Callum Marks Arrangements have been made to use studios in p3 different locations in Manchester all with in a 15 minute drive of the main studios in Worsley.
Equipment failure – Chris Pegg/Callum MarksWe have back up equipment which we will use should we have any studio failure Equipment
Loss of recorded audio.Callum Marks/producerAll audio will be stored in two locations on a hard drive and portable hard drive The audio will not be kept in the same location.
Loss of internetChris PeggWith BT Plus who provide a backup 4G service.  Also have access to the internet in 3 locations across Manchester
Loss of audio on locationReporter/ProducerAll audio will be checked before a location is left to check that it has been safety recorded. Two records will always be on location.
Signed: * (Employer) Chris PeggC C PeggDate:10th January 2019

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