Choosing The Perfect Podcast Audio

Choosing The Perfect Podcast Audio

Choosing The Perfect Podcast Audio

The audio choices and overall quality of sound when you begin your podcast journey are likely to be defining factors. Shoddy audio, or music which does not fit well with the content and theme of your show could be a huge turn-off for listeners, while choosing the correct scores and taking time to finetune audio quality will give your podcast the professional exterior that it deserves.

If you’re new to the world of podcasting, have difficulty sourcing appropriate or non-copyrighted audio, or simply lack the expensive equipment and skills required to mix and master audio cleanly, Listening Dog Media are here to help. Continue reading to discover some expert guidance on choosing appropriate audio, alongside the ways in which we can assist you.

Crisp And Clean

It can be difficult to fine-tune your own crisp and professional audio using standard equipment at home, with the right recording environment, microphone set-up and software packages required, not to mention the technical know-how to construct the layers and adjust the audio levels during content production. Crisp audio editing and clean sound quality will suggest to new listeners that your show is professional and well-considered. Whether you’re telling an engaging story, and require a professional mix for the underlying musical score, or you don’t want your speech to sound muffled, enlist our podcast editors.

Jingles And Clips Relevant To Your Genre

It can be difficult to source audio clips and music which is not only relevant to your intended tone and genre, but also compliant with copyright legislation. Directly lifting audio or an entire track from an artist’s catalogue are unlikely to comply with laws surrounding copyright infringement, therefore Listening Dog Media can assist when selecting entire tracks, snippets and jingles which aren’t going to land you in trouble. Copyright-compliant databases often contain plenty of royalty-free music, and we can not only help you to select appropriately, but also piece together the ideal audio components for your launch, directly from our podcast studio.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Common mistakes concerning podcast audio editing include incorrect audio mixing so that dialogue or underlying music is too loud, selecting tracks which don’t match the tone of your show, as well as neglecting post-production completely, releasing an unpolished product. You may be new to the idea of releasing separate podcast episodes, or perhaps you have a background in content creation and want your output to be consistently professional in-line with your brand. We can guide you through the important audio errors which are surprisingly common, avoiding rookie slip-ups.

At Listening Dog Media, we’re passionate about helping podcast creators to produce the most refined offering that they possibly can, be it at the beginning of their journey, or when it comes to fine-tuning audio, content, or branding. We’re always expanding our editorial services for clients as varied as independent podcasters and start ups, to huge media companies and established celebrities – so contact us today with any content production enquiries, and we would be happy to help.

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