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“Before they love you”

“Before they love you, they must like you, to like you they must know you”

That is why it’s so important that you reflect your life on the radio.

Sadly it’s often forgotten that radio is deeply personal, it only uses one of the senses, so you need to create a deeper connection, you need to paint a picture for the listener. Sure you can talk about the big moments of the day or TV – but let’s be honest anybody can do that. What you can do by telling stories of your life is connect in a far greater way. It’s about creating that “Me Too” moment when a listener identifies with you and your life.

Chris Evans and I are about the same age; I remember when he was on Radio 1 talking about how he’d bought a power drill and how he was now into DIY. He was telling the audience he thought that would never happen to him – I thought the same about myself.  He then went on to explain how he was like a child with a toy and was constantly looking for things to drill looking – I felt exactly the same. More than 25 years on I remember that instant real connection I had to him through listening to him on the radio.

Chris is a master at weaving his life effortlessly into his radio shows – the new Virgin Ads do the same, using his wife and children. He is real; he is a husband and a father so why on earth wouldn’t he talk about that on the radio?

It’s always about the audience, but the art is that it’s really about you. It’s about the audience laughing at the scrapes you get into or crying with you when disaster strikes in your life, it’s your view of your world shared for the audience.

Kiss Sydney Breakfast Show hosts Kylie and Jackie O are both brilliant at this, Jackie talking about the recent split from her husband was both moving and funny, they both weave light and shade throughout their story telling so well. On Today FM’s Breakfast Show in Sydney Grant broke down as he recalled his crippling back injury and how he never thought he would walk again.

This is the power of radio, the power of the on air personality able to share with the audience, connect with the audience and form a bond.

So don’t just talk about what was on TV last night, or the “big” thing of the day (sure weave that in) but the bits your audience will remember you for is sharing your life with them, after all that’s what friends do.