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VACANCY: Freelance Production Pool

Listening Dog Media is creating a pool of Radio and Podcast Producers across the UK to work with us across our different productions.

Our podcasts reach a global audience every week, from sports to health, parenting to drama, our work is varied, and we want to build a pool of producers to reflect that. Alongside podcasts, we also produce programmes for Radio, including documentaries and entertainment shows for BBC and Commercial stations.

We want to find producers that can help us take our productions to the next level, so good experience in producing either radio or podcasts and a strong knowledge of the UK and International markets is essential. We’re also looking for people who are flexible, can adapt easily to working across different genres and are confident users of audio recording and editing software. Experience in editing images and video for social media use is also ideal.

Please email your CV to hello@listeningdogmedia.com.

Listening Dog Media to produce series to help parents with home schooling

Audio production company Listening Dog Media are creating a series of radio features designed to help parents that are home schooling at the moment.

Homeschool Helpers will be hosted by Helen Skelton with advice being provided from people such as TV Presenter Maddie Moate and celebrity life coach Jill Ritchie, alongside a number of education experts from across the country.

The series will contain 15 short features which will include topics on the best ways to keep your children engaged in schoolwork, keeping them active, whilst also managing your own mental health at this difficult time. The features will be on air after the half term break on a number of stations across the UK;

  • Koast Radio
  • Radio Tamworth
  • Unity FM
  • Fiesta FM
  • North Manchester FM
  • Bolton FM
  • Radio Essex
  • Dee 106.3
  • Silk 106.9
  • WCR FM
  • Phoenix Radio
  • Dean Radio
  • Park Radio
  • Cando FM
  • Hope FM
  • Red Kite Radio
  • Riviera Radio
  • Alive Radio
  • Winchester Radio
  • K107FM
  • Radio Tyneside
  • Swindon 105.5
  • Ninesprings 104.5
  • 106.9 SFM
  • Mansfield 103.2

To broadcast the features on your station, email callum@listeningdogmedia.com. The series is supported by the Audio Content Fund.

Ruck It! Let’s Talk coming to Fix Radio

Listening Dog Media are to produce a series of short programmes for Fix Radio in 2021. The series will be presented by Ruck It’s Kyran Bracken and Nick Easter and will focus on male mental health.

Funded by the Audio Content Fund, Ruck It! Let’s Talk will feature a series of interviews with some of the UK’s biggest sports stars discussing their experiences with mental health problems. The series will air during Mental Health Awareness Week (w/c 18th May 2021), with every day focusing on a different sports star. The interviews will be broken up across the day, featuring across different shows on the Fix Radio schedule.

Ruck It’s Kyran Bracken has himself spoken openly about his battles with OCD during his playing career, describing on the series how his obsession around needing to get enough sleep every night began to make him ill.

Fix Radio is the UK’s radio station for the construction industry, making this the perfect station for the series. Statistics from the Men’s Health Forum states that 78% of all suicides are men, with suicide being the biggest killer of men under the age of 35.

Guests for the series will be announced in the new year.

The Raising of Coventry on BBC Radio 4

A Listening Dog Media produced programme “The Raising of Coventry” is on BBC Radio 4 this week (Monday 16th November at 8pm and Wednesday 18th November at 11am).

80 years on from the attack on Coventry during the Second World War, the programme delves into what happened on the night of 14th November 1940, the myth that Winston Churchill sacrificed the city so that the Germans didn’t know that they had cracked the enigma code, and the journey to becoming the UK’s City of Culture 2021.

With archive audio, fictional characters and expert opinions, The Raising of Coventry takes the listener to that November night and explores the sights, sounds and feelings of that terrifying night.

The Raising of Coventry is narrated by Midlands Actor Cassie Bradley who is joined by Coventry actor Jay Sutherland, German Marcel Rasche and Brassic’s Steve Evets to tell the story of that night and the events that followed.

The programme has been described by the Mail on Sunday as “A stunning piece of radio”, as well as a Radio Pick of the Week in The Times.

Produced by Chris Pegg, Callum Marks, Adam Burgess and Tom Cross of Listening Dog Media.

Swan to sponsor new series of The Hot Mess Mums Club podcast

British houseware brand Swan have become the new sponsors for parenting podcast The Hot Mess Mums Club.

The sponsorship will see Swan promote their range of home products to the podcast’s audience both on the podcast and online, seeing Swan reach thousands of Mums every week for the entire 3 months of the series.

The Hot Mess Mums Club is presented by TV presenter Jenny Powell & Radio presenter Kelly Pegg. Having launched in 2019 the podcast soon hit the iTunes charts in a number of countries across the planet.

The upcoming series launches on Friday 5th June and guests include Keith Lemon (Celebrity Juice), Tanya Bardsley (The Real Housewives of Cheshire) and Bobby Norris (The Only Way is Essex).

On the sponsorship, Swan Marketing Director David Foulstone said;

“We loved working with Kelly & Jenny previously during our short sponsorship run at the end of 2019 and can’t wait to see Swan alongside The Hot Mess Mums Club again for a whole series.”

The podcast’s production company Listening Dog Media’s Production Director Callum Marks said;

“Swan is the perfect brand for The Hot Mess Mums Club so we’re delighted to have the opportunity to share their fantastic products with our dedicated audience of Mum’s. I know Kelly & Jenny are huge fans of Swan’s stylish range and can’t wait to tell their listeners all about them.”

The new series of The Hot Mess Mums Club launches on Friday 5th June and can be found on iTunes, Spotify and the website www.hotmessmumsclub.com


How to keep podcasting through self-isolation

As with most industries at the moment, the drive to avoid social contact can cause major issues when you have a podcast that you need to keep recording. However, don’t let being unable to get into the same room as your guest or co-presenter stop you.

There are a few different ways to help keep your podcast going through this period, so we’ve pulled together a few bits of kit that can help record your podcast remotely.


 The most obvious option available to you. Now depending on what equipment, you already have, this could be as easy as simply connecting your phone to the desk you use to record. However, we know that not every podcaster has this kind of equipment – luckily there are some great bits of software that can assist you if not.


Loopback is a great programme that routes audio for you without the need for any extra cables. What does this mean?

You can have your guest on Skype/Facetime and record them directly into a separate channel than what you are recording audio from your microphone into. Hugely helpful if you need to boost volume or cut out any background noise coming from their side.

Another plus for this is that you have the ability to play audio to your guest from the likes of iTunes or QuickTime. You can configure the software to have up to a huge 64 channels, so your options are limitless!

The only drawback is that Loopback only works on Mac, so those podcasters on a Windows system will need to look at alternatives.


Cleanfeed is free, works across different operating systems and your guests can connect with just a simple URL.

Incredibly easy to use, and it’s free for the most basic setup, which should be completely fine for your podcast. Everything is recorded within the browser itself too, meaning you don’t have to worry about connecting different pieces of equipment or software to your chosen recording device. Once you’ve finished recording, simply click save and it’ll download directly to your computer.

The Standard/free plan will get you Conferencing, HQ audio and Session Recording, while the Pro plan offers additional features such as a Cartwall, Audio Repair and Channel Mix Control for £15/month.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

The Blue Yeti is perhaps the most popular USB microphone in the world. If you and your co-presenter are recording in separate spaces, it’s important to try and keep a consistent quality of audio – or at least as close as you can get!

The Blue Yeti records with a high degree of accuracy, it’s compatible with all the major operating systems and it’s ‘Tri-Capsule’ technology means you have a number of options when trying to find the right sound for your recording.

Rode NT-USB Microphone

A slightly more expensive alternative is the Rode NT-USB, although the tripod stand, pop shield and ringmount make the extra cost worthwhile!

Great recording quality, the ability to monitor your sound through the headphone jack in the microphone itself, and the on-mic mix control means this is a perfect microphone for any podcaster.


We’re happy to have a chat with anybody that is currently wondering how they can keep their podcast going in these uncertain times. Simply scroll to the bottom of this page and use the contact form and we’ll be in touch or email hello@listeningdogmedia.com.

Additionally, if you’re looking for some new podcasts to sink your teeth into during this period, check out some of ours! We have The Hot Mess Mums Club with Kelly Pegg & Jenny Powell, Ruck It! with Kyran Bracken & Nick Easter and The Pod Play, a series of audio dramas recorded in front of a live audience.

The Hot Mess Mums Club: Kate Thornton Speaks Out About Gender Inequality On TV

Former X Factor Presenter Kate Thornton has spoken out about having meetings with TV execs about the outfits she wore on TV.

In the upcoming episode of the podcast The Hot Mess Mums Club (hosted by presenters Kelly Pegg & Jenny Powell), Kate tells the story of how she once stood up to TV execs during a meeting about what she was wearing by asking “Do you have this conversation with Ant & Dec?”.

She goes on to mention how on shows like The X Factor she would have to justify her choices of clothing and even have to do mood boards based on the outfits she wore.

Presenter of The Hot Mess Mums Club, Jenny Powell, later reveals how when she became pregnant whilst working on Wheel Of Fortune caused “huge discussions” on the show as in America “it was a big no no”.

You can hear the full podcast with Kate Thornton when it is released on Friday 21st February.

The Hot Mess Mums Club is released every Friday and guests include Christine McGuinness, Denise Welch and Nicola Mclean.

Link to subscribe & listen – podfollow.com/hotmessmums

Listening Dog Media Launches Rugby Podcast ‘Ruck It!’ with Kyran Bracken & Nick Easter

Manchester based Audio Production company, Listening Dog Media, announced the launch of a new Rugby podcast Ruck It! to run across the Six Nations.

Ruck It! will be presented by World Cup winner Kyran Bracken and former England international Nick Easter and will be released every Monday following a game weekend, with a special preview episode being released on Friday 31st January. The podcast will see the pair review the tournament each week, whilst also sharing their experiences from when they played

Listening Dog Media was set up last year by radio programmer Chris Pegg alongside producer Callum Marks. In 2019 they launched The Last Word with Stan Collymore, which went on to hit the top of the iTunes charts across the world and became known for it’s hard hitting interviews with the likes of Gary Neville, Jurgen Klopp and Ian Wright.

On the launch of Ruck It!, Production Director Callum Marks said;

“We’re extremely excited about this podcast. Kyran and Nick have been brilliant to work with and early recordings with the 2 of them have been hilarious. This isn’t just your normal Rugby chat podcast, the guys aren’t afraid of telling stories from their careers and they certainly don’t care about upsetting the other one!”

Ruck It! launches on Friday 31st January and will be available to listen to on; iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Smart Speakers. The show will also air on Fix Radio every Tuesday afternoon.

The Rise of the Podcast

In the history of media there has never been more change, than there is right now. The growth of smart speakers, the interactive car, and mobile devises are all changing how listeners are consuming their audio.  Changes in legislation the move of the big radio companies to more brands delivered from network centers are also having an impact on listeners and the extent of that impact is yet to be seen. In the middle of all that there is the rise of the Podcast.

Now podcasts are not new I was making them for radio shows more than 15 years ago, but all the points above is now changing their impact.

All the research I have seen in the last 18 months shows that listeners don’t just want a streaming service of music, (they are bored with that) they want to be entertained.  Audiences don’t want a service where they are just sold to with “radio words” they want real relatable content delivered by real relatable people, most radio is failing to do this and that means audiences are falling.  That’s where podcasts come in. I can choose any time to listen to my favorite personalities talking about things that interest me or make me laugh, trusted people in their field and I get to choose when I listen.

With a podcast I can choose what content I want to hear when I want to hear it delivered by the presenters that I like and where as 15 years ago it was a ball ache to get that content, now it is so easy. I can ask for it on my smart speaker, my phone has a handy app and my car is easily connected, I can choose the content I want when I want it. We have seen the rise of in-demand TV; audio is going the same way.  The Internet changed print media, social media changed targeted advertising and podcasting will do the same to audio.  Traditional advertising can waste money you may be hitting tens of thousands of ears but you maybe amongst 7 or more ads in a break and hoping against hope that one of those ears will be interested in what you have to say (lets face it unless you are the first in break the chances of it being heard become even more remote).  Instead you can now target and not fight for ears with Podcasts less ad clutter targeted to the subject of the podcasts means less waste.  It’s been shown that consumer action is more likely from podcasts advertising than any other medium due to the intimacy of it. 61% of podcasts listeners have taken action on an advert heard on a podcast, 25% purchased the product. Podcasts are trusted influencers 2.5x people are more likely to listen to the host read ads than dynamic adverts.

Programmatic audio and the opportunity to deliver targeted campaigns in a brand safe environment is critical to further grow investment in the medium. Seventy-three per cent of advertisers credited digital audio as a great way for reaching new audiences of all ages, notably younger listeners, which other media struggle to reach.

Podcast, are not mass advertising like a lot of TV and radio adverts where you can have a spot and can hit a big audience. The question is how many of those are interested in what you have to sell and do they actually hear your ad.

The world is all about targeting and that’s what Podcasts give you a targeted audience interested in your product who are more likely to purchase and more likely to be engaged. Isn’t it time you thought about how you got to your consumers in a much more targeted way? Rip up the old way of doing things and try something new. The rise of the Podcast is here jump on board and join the revolution.

Listening Dog Media launches skincare podcast

Listening Dog Media have teamed up with skinfluencer and beauty therapist Ella Gorton to produce a brand new podcast, Speak Skin, to share her skin journey with fellow acne sufferers and those interested in skincare.

As an acne sufferer, at first Ella felt alone in her journey and felt there was a preconception that people who suffered with bad skin were seen as dirty. She was embarrassed to go out in public without makeup on, and her skin began to affect both her mental health and her day-to-day life, stopping her from doing basic things like going to the gym or out with friends.

The Speak Skin podcast has been created to open up the conversation around skin and acne, creating a channel to help others going through a similar experience. In the first episode, Ella shares her skin story from the unsuccessful attempts to cure her acne, through to how she now wants to help others who are having similar skin problems.

During the series Ella speaks to fellow skin care sufferers along with professionals who offer help and advice to anyone suffering similar problems, with a new guest appearing on the show each week.

Ella originally started documenting her journey on Instagram in October 2016, on the first day she started to take Roaccutane to try to solve her skin problems. She began by taking a photo of her skin each day to help herself see the progress she was making on the drug.

Through her Instagram account, she found a community of acne sufferers who were all going through the same journey, and these became her support network. Since starting her social media channels Ella has connected with acne sufferers all over the world and has since gone on to gain further qualifications to find out more behind the science of skin.

About Ella’s Journey

At the age of 21, Ella a skincare blogger from Manchester, suffered a severe acne breakout after going on a girls holiday – and that’s where her skin story begins. Since then she’s tried different creams, medications and lifestyle changes to combat her skin care struggles. Today she has won the battle and is sharing some of her skin care tips.

Acne took over Ella’s life, and affected not  just her skin but her mental health. After two years of fighting her skin with antibiotics and home remedies, and at points even trying to wash her own skin with dettol, she accepted the drug Roaccutane which has been shown to help cases of acne, albeit with serious side effects.

Ella documented her journey on Instagram at @_MySkinStory, and now has over thirteen thousand followers from all over the world who find comfort in the fact that they are not alone with their skin problems. On her channels Ella speaks about the products that really do make a difference, and opens up the conversation around how skin can hugely affect mental health.

Since starting her journey Ella has taken two rounds of the skincare drug Roaccutane. Roaccutane works by shutting down the skin’s oil production, and has been known to have around an 80% success rate, but this comes with serious side affects. The drug has been known to make users super sensitive to the sun, make skin so dry it can crack open, and there have also been reports of affects to mental health including depression.

In her podcast and on her Instagram channel, Ella talks about her experience with Roaccutane and her other attempts to cure her acne.

Ella is now in a good place with her skin but she knows this is not the end of the journey, she now works to maintain her skin with a healthy lifestyle, and she strives to learn more about skin through her job as a beauty therapist.

The My Skin Story clinic is now open in Manchester, where Ella offers Mesotherapy, chemical peels and microneedling to help people achieve their best skin yet.

Speak Skin episode has been released this week. New episodes will be available weekly with a special guest each episode to share their own skin experience and knowledge. Series one guests include:

  • Demi Hayes – Facial expert and owner of Elegance Aesthetics. Demi runs her own facial clinic specialising in microneedling and plasma pen
  • Kim Lever – Owner of Miki Makeup & Co, celebrity makeup artist and eczema sufferer
  • Jamie Leigh Agent – Specialist child and adolescent drama therapist. Jamie helps to change people’s mindsets to create positivity in every situation.

Speak Skin can be found on iTunes, Spotify and TuneIn.