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Listening Dog Media is a podcast production agency that cares about its clients. We can assist you in crafting your podcast, helping with the podcast development process from the concept to the branding, content marketing and even the recording and editing.

We help craft entertaining and informative audio experiences for all to enjoy, taking your recording and putting it through our audio editing to make it a piece of work you can be proud of. We can then take your podcast and give you access to our distribution channels, putting it on top platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts alongside the best podcasts in the world.


Our podcast production agency has worked with clients from rugby superstars and the BBC to messy mums and theatre pieces for a range of audio experiences. Take a look at the types of shows we help produce, and then contact us today to start your podcast creation journey.

Hear the England & Arsenal legend as you’ve never heard him before across the season. Join David Seaman throughout the season.

Kelly Pegg & Jenny Powell are joined by a different guest every week to talk about the trials and tribulations of being a mum.

From club to radio and every other music DJ in between; Chris warms up his guests before asking them to pick a set of 5 questions from a box of 45.

Join Deborah Davies (Psychic & Medium) as she delves into Unexplained Deaths and some very strange Mysteries. Deborah is joined by Chris Ward and Ian Kirke as they discuss what actually happened in some fascinating cases!

For our guests on One Decision the choices they are up against can shape history.  No pressure!  They take us through all of their doubts, emotions and (sometimes unexpected) consequences.


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